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301 5th Ave. SE, Olympia, WA 98501 • ph#. 360-357-4755 • hours: 10-8 mon - sat • 12-6 sundays

Used Buying

We are always buying used LPs, 45s, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and vintage audio equipment. Our typical buying hours are from 12-6 on most days, but this can vary depending on the circumstances of any given day, so please call ahead before coming in. Our number is (360) 357-4755  

We buy everything that we can possibly sell, and we pay fair, realistic, top dollar prices. We also take donations of physical media that we can’t buy, and we promise to do our best to make sure that none of your memories wind up in the landfill. We may not buy VHS, 8-Tracks, or 78s as often as other formats, but we are interested in looking at almost anything.

We pay for used vinyl based on the price we can sell it for. 

Most used records that we stock have a typical range of $2-5 in retail value, and we normally pay $1-2 for records in this price range. But the market for used vinyl has changed dramatically in recent years, and we will pay more for higher demand records. Genuinely rare and collectable LPs or 45s may have significantly higher values. We strive to pay fair, top dollar prices for any LPs and 45s that we can sell. The faster a record is likely to sell, the higher a percentage of the potential retail price we will be able to pay.

Our standard practice is to pay you around half of a record’s potential retail price, but this may vary slightly based on demand. For the highest demand LPs and 45s, we will pay a higher rate. As with any collectable, these factors are key in determining value: condition, title, edition/pressing, and scarcity.

We generally pay $1 cash or $2 credit for used CDs and DVDs.

We will sometimes pay a little more for newer titles. What we select to purchase depends on condition and demand. If we can sell it, we will buy it! 

We are more selective about purchasing DVDs than we are with other media.

Many people are downsizing away from DVDs these days, and we see many of the same popular titles on a regular basis. There are a lot of movies that we cannot currently buy, because there are more used copies coming in than we need. We generally focus on harder to find movies and steady sellers. We especially like older movies, foreign films, arthouse films, and anything weird or unusual. 

Yes, we buy audio cassettes!

You might think that old tapes are obsolete, but there is still a strong niche market for them. Retail values for used tapes remain relatively low, but we are always interested in buying them. Talk to us before you throw them away!

Have turntables or other audio equipment?

We buy used audio gear!  Turntables and receivers are particularly needed…the older the vintage, the better. Clean, working condition is preferred, but we are interested in quality units that need repair as well. You can bring gear in when our stereo buyer is here for review, Tuesday through Friday from  2-8 PM, or call (360) 357-4755 to tell us about what you have.